A precious gift for your guests And loved ones

A sweet memory crafted in Hong Kong

Honey gifts for different occasions: wedding banquet, farewell gift, company / corporate events, retirement gift, graduation gift, festival gift, appreciation gift to teacher & your respected ones

Honey has the meaning of a blessed and sweet ever after and represents life, health and fertility. In both Asian and Western countries, honey is closely related to weddings.

An old tale told us that each arrow of love of Cupid was coated with honey. This act brings richness and sweetness of love to its fullest.

Honey represents sweetness and is blessing to your loved ones.


Life is the Flower for which Love is the Honey – Victor Hugo

Classic Series

  • 25gram
  • Longan Raw Honey / Lychee Raw Honey
  • Golden Lid
  • Outer box provided

Prestige Series

  • 50gram
  • Longan Raw Honey / Lychee Raw Honey / Ivy Tree Raw Honey
  • Golden Lid