Corporate Partnership

We always endeavor to build strategic partnerships with various corporates to promote the importance of bees and eco-diversity, as bees are so important to mankind and the nature, yet the numbers of bees are decreasing over the years.

Through collaboration with our partners, we utilize one another’s strengths to create the best synergy, through engaging with our custom-designed partnership plan, corporate staff or customer can get to know about bees and honey, the environment, walking into the eco-system world, and hence in love with what they have learnt and engaged in, creating a unique and meaningful experience to them.

We designs custom plan for partnership corporates, which includes but not limited to below:

1. Various kinds of workshop to internal staff or VIP customer

2. Honey OEM or gift pack

3. Beehive Sponsorship in our beefarm

4. Plan and execution of activities (e.g. mall and school activities)

5. Presentation / Lecture / Sharing

By partnership with us, corporate not only supported local beekeeping, but also carried out their CSR responsibility in our community, establishing a positive image, increasing staff and customer loyalty and communication, and creating a special experience and learning for many.

We welcome you to become our partner, if you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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