What is Raw Honey – Precious Natural Nutrients

“Raw honey” refers to the honey directly obtained from the bee hive, without any additional processing. It is a 100% natural product, containing the most nutrition and health benefit to a human body. People back in ancient Egypt also consume honey as a part of their health diet.

Each flavor possess different benefits to consume, for example, Longan Raw Honey helps more to reduce various allergy, while Ivy Tree Raw Honey helps to soothen throat inflammation. For the honey you could find in chain store supermarkets, most of them are not referring to “raw honey”. Due to the reason including storage and outlook, the honey are treated by heating and artificial processing, as a result, the most nutritive enzymes and antioxidants, which are the most beneficial to the body, are lost during the process.

Production of “raw honey” takes time. It requires the beekeeper maintaining a good natural habitat around the bee hives, ensuring no pesticides, and planting the right flowers for bees. Therefore, raw honey are relatively limited in supply and more precious.

From Hive to Bottle

In recent years, people all over the world have been paying greater attention to their own health, starting from choosing the right food ingredients. Many foods nowadays are processed and may contain different chemical additives, preservatives, hormones and antibiotics. Those foods are not only unhealthy, but studies have shown that they have a bad impact on human health in the long run.

As a result, many people start looking on the food source, searching for organic and natural products. A concept from the western, “From farm to table”, are very popular among health conscious people, the action refers to direct access to natural raw materials from a local farmer, which can support local production as well as eating healthy.

“Hong Kong Raw Honey” also adopt the idea “From hive to bottle”, which brings high-quality fresh raw honey to our customer directly.


Awards & Testings

Hong Kong Raw Honey is founded in 2012, formerly known as Bee’s Nest

Hong Kong Raw Honey is rewarded:

– The natural and Organic Awards by「Best Made in Hong Kong Product」

– SGS Certificate (Honey & Nutrition Test)

– STC Certificate – Organochlorine Pesticides Test

The journey to beekeeping began with a newsclip saying “The number of beehives are decreasing drastically”, where we realize bees are gradually disappearing with a number of species close to extinction. During our collection of more information on bees, we developed our love and interest with bees, and also found out there are a lot of misunderstanding of bees in the society. What can we do to help? By letting people knowing more about bees and eco-balance, we hope to help these little friends and also help to let people know the importance of maintaining a good bio-diversity for our planet.

Urban beekeeping, sustainability

Mentioning bees, you may only think of honey. However, many Hong Kong people may not know that bees are of great importance in the planet’s ecological system, as well as to the edible crops. According to research data, more than one-third of the crop, or more than 70% of the food consume by human, need to rely on bee pollination, in order to become food. Therefore, if bees disappear, humans may face the food shortages and rise in food prices.

Bees are indicator of local pollution level. In Hong Kong, because of massive urbanization, bees are rarely seen. When bees do not have a suitable living environment, they will leave and not stay in the place. In a wealthy society, shall we reconsider if our value is sustainable, or is beneficial to the world as a whole?

Through the bees, we also hope to arouse people’s attention to environmental protection and natural species’ diversification.

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