Wooden Honey Spoon


Made from woods of Black Walnut Trees.

Together with Teak and Mahogany, Black Walnut Tree is considered one of the three finest quality woods in the world, and is very suitable to be made as honey spoon for the following reasons:

  • its medium to hard comfortable texture – can resist molding and wearing off
  • smell-less, which will not affect the flavor of honey
  • the premium dark brown color just gives the feeling of nature and nobility

If you send our honey as a gift to your loved ones, don’t forget this spoon which makes it a perfect set!



Raw Honey is best enjoyed with the right utensil, which can best preserve and bring out the original taste of it.

The honey spoon measures the right amount of honey you should enjoy each time, nothing beats the real raw honey enjoyment, with the black walnut tree wooden spoon from nature every day.