Ivy Tree Raw Honey (Winter Honey) 220g

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Ivy Tree Raw Honey, or commonly known as winter honey. It is originated from ivy trees, which is native to south china and is very common in the countrysides of Hong Kong

Ivy Tree is one of the native trees in Hong Kong, and only blossom from autumn to winter. Its honey taste contains a little bitterness, which is quite unique from other types of honey, its colour is dark but turn light yellow when crystalized. The skin of the Ivy Trees are used for a famous herbal drink(24tastes 廿四味) in HongKong.

Difference between Local Raw Honey and Manuka(UMF)

Raw 5 – 10 15 – 20 25 – 30
Lung Nourishing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reduce cough Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-inflammatory Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sleep better Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nutrition More Less Less Less
Digestive system Yes No Yes Yes
Gastroenteritis Yes No Yes Yes
Stomach ulcer No No No Yes
Heating Honey No Yes Yes Yes
Eco-valued No Yes Yes Yes
Health Protection Yes No Yes Yes

  • Contains flavonoid, the most powerful natural occurring antioxidant. Most ladies love to consume one teaspoon of raw honey a day to stay healthy and ageless.
  • Long-term intake of raw honey can boost our immune system and protect us against infection. It also helps to soothe the discomfort if you catch a cold.

Honey production is limited as it is greatly influenced by natural disasters such as typhoon. The taste may vary from bottle to bottle. Available while stock last.

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Note: Do not feed raw honey to infant below one years old.

Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Raw honey may crystalize under room temperature. It is normal and do not affect the quality of our honey

Wooden Honey Spoon

Made from woods of Black Walnut Trees.

Together with Teak and Mahogany, Black Walnut Tree is considered one of the three finest quality woods in the world, and is very suitable to be made as honey spoon for the following reasons:

  • its medium to hard comfortable texture - can resist molding and wearing off
  • smell-less, which will not affect the flavor of honey
  • the premium dark brown color just gives the feeling of nature and nobility

If you send our honey as a gift to your loved ones, don’t forget this spoon which makes it a perfect set!

Raw Honey Bag

When Hong Kong craftsmen meet
Felix, a Hong Kong local brush pen writer, wrote the Chinese words "Raw", "Honey" and "Hong Kong".
The different colouring of the words are like different components in the nature, gold representing flowers in bloom, the deep and light blue representing the sky and the river. Raw honey inside the bag represents a gift from nature, with appreciation of hard work by the lovely honey bees.
I wish you all like this bag and the design, with love.

Floral Tea Set

The four flavors of floral teas are as follows:

(1) Lemon Rose Yomoji Tea * 1 (local Yomoji)

(2) Orange Roselle Wood Apple Tea * 1 (local Roselle)

(3) Apple Ginger Marigold Green Tea * 1 (local Ginger, Marigold)

(4) Pineapple Lemon Perilla Tea * 1 (local Lemon & Perilla)

Enjoy the tea with local raw honey - healthy, smooth and delicate.

Floral Tea Series

Floral tea is a great combination of taste of tea and aroma of flowers, which is an enjoyable of many. Floral tea is known as good for moisturizing of skin and cleaning of digestive system.

Raw honey is very high in nutritional value, which is the best quality among honey. It possesses natural flavonoids, various kinds of minerals, amino acids and enzymes. When mixed with floral tea, it could help with sleeping and relieving tension, as well as improving overall blood circulation.

Hong Kong Raw Honey Floral Tea Series:

Damascus Rose Tea x 4packs

Germany Hibiscus x 4packs

French Lavender Tea x 4packs

Damascus Rose Tea

Ingredients: Rose Buds, Red Dates, Goji Berry


  • Whitening skin,
  • Improve blood circulation

Germany Hibiscus

Ingredients: Thousands Days Red, Hibiscus, Rose Buds


  • Cleaning and facilitating digestive system

French Lavender Tea

Ingredients: Chamomile, Osmanthus, Jasmine, Lavender


  • Relieve tension
  • Stabilize emotion

How to use for a cup of 350ml

(1) use boil water (90 degree celcius), pour into a cup, add in the floral tea bag and let it sits for 4 minutes.

(2) at this time the temperature should be below 60 degree celcius, add in raw honey based on the flavor and sweetness that you preferred

(3) every tea bag could be used 2-3 times

According to ancient Chinese herbal records, floral tea is good to lung, liver and kidney. Modern medical study has also prove that when consume floral tea daily, it helps to clear eye vision and moisturize the skin.

  • No preservatives, No additions, 100% natural
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Tested by Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (STC) and SGS Hong Kong Limited, our honey has not concentrated by heating, no sugar added, no antibiotics used, no sugar added and do not contain heavy metals or pesticides.


➡️Relieving cough



➡️Helps to relieve indigestion

➡️Sore throat and common cold.

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