Jooove Cha floral tea set X local honey package


Founder of Jooove Cha – Jacqueline sourced seasonal and fresh fruits from HK local farms and markets, and invented Jam & Floral Tea based on their function, scent and taste. The Jam they created are free from any chemicals and preservatives.

This winter, we have work together and launched their Jooove Cha floral tea set X local honey package. The four flavors of floral teas are as follows:

(1) Lemon Rose Yomoji Tea * 1 (local Yomoji)

(2) Orange Roselle Wood Apple Tea * 1 (local Roselle)

(3) Apple Ginger Marigold Green Tea * 1 (local Ginger, Marigold)

(4) Pineapple Lemon Perilla Tea * 1 (local Lemon & Perilla)

Enjoy the tea with local raw honey – healthy, smooth and delicate.

Support local and a better choice.

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Out of stock



How to use: Put the floral tea ingredients into a tea cup / tea pot, add in water approximately 80 Degree Celcius and wait for 5 minutes. Finally, add in Raw Honey, stir well and enjoy the moment! A bag of floral tea could be used for a total of 300ml water.

*Shelf Life: 6 months