Camellia (Tea Flower) Pollen

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Camellia (Tea Flower) Pollen – known as one of the best type of pollens in the world. It has a long traditional to be consumed naturally for health and skincare purpose.

Camellia Pollen is rich in nutrition including protein, fatty acids and vitamin. The protein and amino acid content is 5-7 times of eggs and milk.

The pollen is freshly collected from a renowned tea flower fields in Hangzhou and possesses the special aroma from tree flowers. The direct taste is slight sweetness, and when chewed slowly, you can taste a tiny bit of dedicated bitterness.

(1) Mono-Floral Pollen Uniform in size & colour, mostly oblate in shape

(2) Dedicated Taste & Aftertaste Slight sweetness together with a tiny aftertaste bitterness. No unfavorable smell.

(3) Dry Texture When rubbed by hand, you won’t feel wet or moist, the texture is hard and dry.

Consume Recommendation:

1. Take directly, about 20 piece each time

2. Mixture pollen into honey for consumption

Wooden Honey Spoon

Made from woods of Black Walnut Trees.

Together with Teak and Mahogany, Black Walnut Tree is considered one of the three finest quality woods in the world, and is very suitable to be made as honey spoon for the following reasons:

  • its medium to hard comfortable texture - can resist molding and wearing off
  • smell-less, which will not affect the flavor of honey
  • the premium dark brown color just gives the feeling of nature and nobility

If you send our honey as a gift to your loved ones, don’t forget this spoon which makes it a perfect set!

Raw Honey Bag

When Hong Kong craftsmen meet
Felix, a Hong Kong local brush pen writer, wrote the Chinese words "Raw", "Honey" and "Hong Kong".
The different colouring of the words are like different components in the nature, gold representing flowers in bloom, the deep and light blue representing the sky and the river. Raw honey inside the bag represents a gift from nature, with appreciation of hard work by the lovely honey bees.
I wish you all like this bag and the design, with love.

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Note: Bee Pollen might be allergic to few individuals, if you feel any unusualness after consume, consult your doctor immediately.