Lychee Raw Honey 500g

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Lychee Raw Honey, also known as the “Royal Concubine Honey”. In the Tang Dynasty, there was an imperial concubine called Yang GuiFei, who loved Lychee and the fruit got popular among Chinese people.

Made from Lychee tree flowers, usually in light golden colour, its texture is rich and the aroma is strong, sometimes it’s mixed with honey from flowers in the spring time. You can taste a bit of sourness from the Lychee flowers, as well as a mixed taste from spring flowers.

Spring is the season which nature gives new lives to plants and animals in the year, and we recommend you to close your eyes when tasting Lychee Raw Honey, feeling the liveliness and energy from nature and the honeybees.

Difference between Local Raw Honey and Manuka(UMF)

Raw 5 – 10 15 – 20 25 – 30
Lung Nourishing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reduce cough Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-inflammatory Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sleep better Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nutrition More Less Less Less
Digestive system Yes No Yes Yes
Gastroenteritis Yes No Yes Yes
Stomach ulcer No No No Yes
Heating Honey No Yes Yes Yes
Eco-valued No Yes Yes Yes
Health Protection Yes No Yes Yes

  • Contains flavonoid, the most powerful natural occurring antioxidant. Most ladies love to consume one teaspoon of raw honey a day to stay healthy and ageless.
  • Long-term intake of raw honey can boost our immune system and protect us against infection. It also helps to soothe the discomfort if you catch a cold.

Honey production is limited as it is greatly influenced by natural disasters such as typhoon. The taste may vary from bottle to bottle. Available while stock last.

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Note: Do not feed raw honey to infant below one years old.

Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Raw honey may crystalize under room temperature. It is normal and do not affect the quality of our honey.

Wooden Honey Spoon

Wooden Honey Spoon

Raw Honey Bag

Raw Honey Bag

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Tested by Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (STC) and SGS Hong Kong Limited, our honey has not concentrated by heating, no sugar added, no antibiotics used, no sugar added and do not contain heavy metals or pesticides.


➡️Relieving cough



➡️Helps to relieve indigestion

➡️Sore throat and common cold.


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