Lavender Raw Honey 220g

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薰衣草原蜜很有花香,有種溫柔的清甜味道,如果各位有興趣,都可以一嘗滋味 🐝 🌻 蜂蜜已經結晶,有點像我們香港鴨脚木樹蜜,結晶後的白滑膏狀。

保加利亞是東歐鄰近希臘的國家,因其氣候及地理環境,加上國家的重視,成爲歐洲裏生態及植物多樣性最豐富的其中一個國家 🇧🇬 保加利亞並不算是發達國家,當地人都比較純樸,過著自給自足的簡單生活。

薰衣草原蜜,也是他一位朋友的小農莊出產 🧑🏻‍🌾



原蜜 5 – 10 15 – 20 25 – 30
潤肺 Yes Yes Yes Yes
止咳 Yes Yes Yes Yes
消炎 Yes Yes Yes Yes
改善睡眠 Yes Yes Yes Yes
營養成份 More Less Less Less
調節腸胃問題 Yes No Yes Yes
腸胃炎 Yes No Yes Yes
胃潰瘍 No No No Yes
加熱壓縮 No Yes Yes Yes
碳足跡 No Yes Yes Yes
保健功效 Yes No Yes Yes

  • 原蜜含有豐富的營養成份,其中還包含被喻為自然界最佳抗氧化劑的類黃酮素,具有強力的抗氧化作用,能去除過剩的活化氧,能抗衰老,有助保健凍齡。
  • 天然香港蜜糖抗菌性強,每天食用一茶匙,有效對抗疲勞、舒緩咽喉疼痛、預防感冒、調理腸胃,減小疾病的困擾。
  • 每年流蜜量受天氣如颱風影響,每瓶味道或略有不同,且收成有限,售完即止。





注意: 不宜供一歲以下嬰兒服用天然蜂蜜


Wooden Honey Spoon

Made from woods of Black Walnut Trees.

Together with Teak and Mahogany, Black Walnut Tree is considered one of the three finest quality woods in the world, and is very suitable to be made as honey spoon for the following reasons:

  • its medium to hard comfortable texture - can resist molding and wearing off
  • smell-less, which will not affect the flavor of honey
  • the premium dark brown color just gives the feeling of nature and nobility

If you send our honey as a gift to your loved ones, don’t forget this spoon which makes it a perfect set!

Raw Honey Bag

When Hong Kong craftsmen meet
Felix, a Hong Kong local brush pen writer, wrote the Chinese words "Raw", "Honey" and "Hong Kong".
The different colouring of the words are like different components in the nature, gold representing flowers in bloom, the deep and light blue representing the sky and the river. Raw honey inside the bag represents a gift from nature, with appreciation of hard work by the lovely honey bees.
I wish you all like this bag and the design, with love.
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Tested by Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (STC) and SGS Hong Kong Limited, our honey has not concentrated by heating, no sugar added, no antibiotics used, no sugar added and do not contain heavy metals or pesticides.


➡️Relieving cough



➡️Helps to relieve indigestion

➡️Sore throat and common cold.