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Longan Raw Honey 500g

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Longan honey, one of the most popular honey types among Hong Kong people. In the past, there was a lot of Longan trees build around Hong Kong rural areas for Fung Shui reason. However, due to city development, there are less natural places and less people choose to be a beekeeper in this fast pace city.

The taste of Longan Raw honey is totally different from any Longan honey you can easily find in chain stores, as chain store ones are usually pasteurized, heated and processed, losing most of its original flavour. The taste of Longan Raw Honey is fruity yet simple, its sweetness in its flavor is very comforting and satisfying.

From our experience, this honey is most popular among children, and it is also the best honey type to be mixed with lemon water.

Difference between Local Raw Honey and Manuka(UMF)

Raw 5 – 10 15 – 20 25 – 30
Lung Nourishing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reduce cough Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-inflammatory Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sleep better Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nutrition More Less Less Less
Digestive system Yes No Yes Yes
Gastroenteritis Yes No Yes Yes
Stomach ulcer No No No Yes
Heating Honey No Yes Yes Yes
Eco-valued No Yes Yes Yes
Health Protection Yes No Yes Yes

  • Contains flavonoid, the most powerful natural occurring antioxidant. Most ladies love to consume one teaspoon of raw honey a day to stay healthy and ageless.
  • Long-term intake of raw honey can boost our immune system and protect us against infection. It also helps to soothe the discomfort if you catch a cold.

Honey production is limited as it is greatly influenced by natural disasters such as typhoon. The taste may vary from bottle to bottle. Available while stock last.

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Note: Do not feed raw honey to infant below one years old.

Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Raw honey may crystalize under room temperature. It is normal and do not affect the quality of our honey.




Wooden Honey Spoon

Wooden Honey Spoon

Raw Honey Bag

Raw Honey Bag

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Tested by Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (STC) and SGS Hong Kong Limited, our honey has not concentrated by heating, no sugar added, no antibiotics used, no sugar added and do not contain heavy metals or pesticides.


➡️Relieving cough



➡️Helps to relieve indigestion

➡️Sore throat and common cold.

7 reviews for Longan Raw Honey 500g

  1. Monica Cheung

    Order 之後很快收到貨
    謝謝 Lancelot 很有耐性答我啲問題

  2. Monica Cheung

    Order 之後好快送到
    多謝 Lancelot 細心解答我啲問題

  3. 方太


  4. Mark Taylor

    The taste was pleasant & enjoyable with a natural fruity aroma
    It is certainly what a natural and true honey would taste like
    Love what these guys are doing with their noble vision on eco

  5. Ted Lo

    Very nice !

  6. 李尚權

    中秋送禮一流!有環保袋有木匙羹 ~
    有質素,有意義,支持本地生產 !

  7. Tony Wong

    這貨品我已在HKTV Mall 買了3次,今次是第4次。早前3次也會有泡泡,但是會好快散而且不是很稀的質感。今次也有泡泡,但是很多天也不散而且非常稀的質感。會否是變壞?但是最佳食用日期是01-05-2025

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